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Anal Beads and Butt Beads - Best First Time Anal Toys


How To Use Anal Beads

"How to use anal beads" is a question we are asked often.  Anal beads or "love beads" are one of the most common "first" anal toy purchased by LoveWorks' customers because of the ease of use and non-threatening feeling. 

Anal beads resemble small "marbles" (like the marbles you played with as a kid) all connected on a rope or cord.  Usually, they are smaller at the far end of the cord, and get progressively larger near the pull ring.  That allows for insertion of just the bead size you wish to use. 

As you get more experienced, you will find that you want them all inserted!  They should be well lubricated, and gently pushed into the anus, past the "sphincter" muscle.  Think of the sphincter like the door man -- his job is to keep the door closed unless you "grease" the wheel!  

Although we always suggest thicker lubes for anal play, regular water-based or silicone lubes will work fine for anal beads because they are (in most cases) smaller and less stressful for the body.

At the moment or orgasm, or beginning slightly before, one of the partners starts to tug on the pull-ring at the end of the string, allowing one bead at a time to push the anus open and then allows it to quickly close as the bead passes the butt hole opening.  Since we involuntarily "clinch" or anus when we orgasm, the feeling of having your anus opened and quickly closed is an intense and wonderful feeling.

And don't worry - you don't need to worry about "losing" the anal beeds; the pull ring keeps them from disappearing from view!

Anal beads are also a great sex toy to use alone during masturbation, as they increase the intensity of the orgasm.  And don't be confused - both men and women's body work the same way - both of us squeeze the anus when we cum, so anal beads are truly a poly-sexual or ambi-sexual toy (if you can define a sex toy like that)!

Cleaning of the beads is easily accomplished with soap and water.  But you should realize that the cord or "rope" that connects the beads is often white-color and will appear to look "dirtier" as you use the toy as fluids from the anus will stain the cord.  As long as you are cleaning the toy with soap and water, you shouldn't worry.  But aesthetically, when it begins to bother you, throw them away and buy another set of anal beeds -- they are super cheap here at LoveWorks!


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