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Anal Douche and Enema Kits For Anal Sex Preparation


How To Clean Your Anus: An Enema Before Anal Sex

Anyone who has had regular anal intercourse will have their own enema stories that tell what they do to prepare for anal penetration.  But the number one rule is: an enema before anal sex if you want to avoid a messy encounter.  

Even with an enema, prepare yourself and your partner for what might be visible on your sex toy or condom during or after anal penetration.  It is not always as clean and sanitary as the anal porn you have seen.

An anal douche or enima does not need to be a difficult process.  LoveWorks sells "bulb" enemas that allow you to quickly and easily fill the bulb with water, for an easy and quick "warm water enema".

After filling, insert the enema tip into your ass and squeeze the bulb, releasing the water into your anus.

That is usually all it takes to clean the anus for anal play, although some like to repeat the process 2 or 3 times since it is quick and painless.

LoveWorks also sells the full enema kits that connect to your faucet or shower, as well as the kits that include enema bags and multiple nozzles, including a few with penis shaped dildo nozzles.

After experiencing an enema, you will find a position and place that you are most comfortable.  Some people prefer to be in the "face down ass up" position; while other will either lay on their side or stay sitting on the toilet.  Shower users can try many different positions in the shower, as the location makes clean up quite easy.

For those who seek a little more, check out the forced enema toys like the ass funnel.  With a forced warmwater enema, being "full" takes on a whole new meaning!


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