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Anal Probes and Rectal Rammers - Vibrating and Non-Vibrating


Anal Probe and other Anal Sex Toys

Anal probes are sex toys designed to be inserted and removed repeatedly, in the same concept as a penis going in and out of the ass.  Combined with bondage and role play, the probe might be used as a rectal rammer, with more speed and force than a penis might deliver. 

Getting probed slightly mimics the feeling of anal intercourse, but usually with a smaller toy.

Some partners want the in-and-out feeling of anal intercourse, but prefer to use rectal probing instead of a penis.  Men are more willing to experiment with a prob in the ass, but may not be so open to having a penis in their ass!

Anal probing has been the subject of dark humor for years, but never so graphically as the South Park video game and "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe" episode.  In the scene, banned in many parts of the world, the players are all being anally probed by an alien - a subject now officially known as an "alien probe"! Not quite the same purpose as the anal probes LoveWorks sells, but we appreciate the humor!

I never understood the connection in which aliens who come to Earth use an anal probe to extract information or ?? from the people they choose to probe.  Other than to make a tongue-in-cheek joke that the anus is where everything exits so it is the most likely place to extract information.

Remember Weird Al Yankovic?  He sang a song about wearing tin foil hats just in case aliens might come to Earth to "probe your butt".  

And I'll bet you didn't know that doctors have measured the strength of contractions of the male orgasm using ... want to guess?  An anal probe.  That would be a study worth volunteering for. 



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