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Anal Trainer Can Make Anal Sex More Enjoyable


How to Prepare for Anal Sex or How to Make Anal Sex Easier

Another Question that LoveWorks receives is "How to Prepare for Anal Sex" or the more direct "How to make anal sex easier".  Just like with all anal toys and anal play, the two most important things to remember are LUBRICATION and RELAXATION.  We always suggest buttplugs for the true beginner who have no anal experience at all ... and then suggest they move to anal trainers if they really want to make buttsex better.

An Anal trainer is a type of sex toys for the butt designed to teach the anal sphincter to relax.  They are a great tool to help a partner prepare for anal intercourse.

Anal trainers are more typically shaped like an artillery shell or bullet.  They are the same size (thickness) from top to bottom (other than the tapered head, and the slight indention at the bottom to help remain in your butt).

Butt trainers are different from butt plugs by shape.  Anal buttplugs are "Christmas Tree" shaped, thin at the top, thicker at the bottom, with a very large indention at the bottom, which allows the anus to close around the inserted toy.  Most plugs are not designed to keep the butt hole open.  

Anal Training serve the opposite purpose.  They are designed to be thick all the way from top to bottom, to prevent the anus from closing.  Trainers are used for "anal stretching" and can be worn all day.

Usually sold in a kit of small to large tools, trainers are meant to teach or "train" the butt hole to remain open, preparing it for the insertion of larger toys like dildos, vibrators, or a penis for anal intercourse.  

Allowing the opening of the anal cavity to expand and become comfortable is one of the biggest complaints of customers experimenting with anal intercourse.  

Anal training prepares your anus and makes the experience more enjoyable!


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