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Anal Lubricants based on Silicone, Water, and our special "Anal Morphine" Lube


How To Prepare For Anal Sex and Your First Anal Orgasm

Preparing for Anal Sex is really a requirement if you want it to be pleasurable.  There is no such thing as "spontaneous anal sex".   Relaxation and Lubrication are the two most important things to consider; but preparation should be part of the Top 3 Anal Sex Tips.

Preparation usually involves having a bowel movement to empty the anal cavity.  A douche is the easiest way to accomplish this.

Relaxation involves getting your partner in the mood and beginning the anal play gently.

Lubrication:  The big one.  Choosing a lube (or two) can be a very frustrating experience when listening to people that do not know what they are talking about.

Top 3 Types of Lubes:
1.  Water Based lubes:  Very easy cleanup, usually very thin, is better suited for vaginal sex to supplement the vagina's own lubrication system.  Without additional lubrication from the body, you will go "dry" and need to continue adding more.  There are also thicker water based lubes available that are better for partners who do not get wet and for anal sex.  Cheap and available everywhere that a condom is sold.

2.  Silicone Based lubes:  Silicone lubes are almost like silk - you can put it on your fingers and rub together and never feel any friction and your fingers glide over and over.  A little bit goes a long way and does not dry out.  

When I compare the two lubes, I tell this story to customers:  Think of a "slip and slide" in your yard.  If the liquid in it was "water based" you would stop sliding at the end of the "slide".  However, if it were filled with silicone lube, you wouldn't stop until you were somewhere down the street. :)

Anal Morphine - Best Anal Lube for pain free ass sex3.  Benzocaine Lubes - ANAL MORPHINE.  Lubes (available both silicone and water based) with the numbing property "Benzocaine" added to help reduce the initial sensation and clamping that can occur during anal sex.  Benzocaine anal lubes are more expensive, and sold in smaller bottles.

My suggestion to LoveWorks' customers:  I always suggest a thicker water-based lube and the benzocaine added anal morphine.

Start with the anal morphine lube.  Generously push it gently into the anal cavity, slowly pushing it in further past the sphincter.  Rub some on the outside of the butt hole, and again pushed gently inside the opening.  

WAIT 30 MINUTES! Do something else such as another type of foreplay and let the lube do its thing.  When you are ready to proceed, add a little morphine again, but then switch to the other lube you have purchased.

Benzocaine does not truly NUMB the butt hole.  It "de sensitizes" it - making it less sensitive to pain.  With the butt hole desensitized, your partner is less likely to continue (often involuntarily) squeezing the butt hole pushing you out.

Start with the finger and push more lube in, and continue massaging the anal opening until you feel it begin to relax.  Apply a generous amount of lube to the head of your penis (we always suggest condoms for anal sex even for monogamous partners).  Excess lube will push down your shaft as you insert, so the majority of lube should be at the tip.

Slowly push your penis in your partner anus, stopping to allow them to get used to the feeling.

Some people find that during this "pause", squeezing the butt hole helps to allow it to relax.  Since it can't squeeze closed, it tends to open more slightly after squeezing.

Continue until you are able to have more of your penis inside, and begin to slowing move in and out, always listening to your partner's feelings and desires.

As your partner relaxes, you will be able to increase your speed and stroke.  Have a bullet vibrator handy and reach under your partner's stomach and place on her clit.

If the receiving partner is male, we suggest to our customers, that he not ejaculate before being penetrated.  The build-up of not cumming is often more helpful to initially experiencing penetrative ass sex.

Remember, do what feels good for you and your partner.  LoveWorks wants you to experience all the sexual desires you have including pain free anal sex!


PS:  "Anal Morphine" is only our name for one particular anal lube that we really like and works really well.  It does not contain morphine or anything like that.  It does contain Benzocaine. 





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