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Enjoy anal play with anal dildos, beads, butt plugs and trainers. Shop our large selection of anal toys!


Enjoy anal sex toys like butt plugs, anal beads and prostate massagers!

Everyone has a "line in the sand" that they say is the line they won't cross.  The only problem is that we continue to change that line as we get older.  Anal sex toys are good examples of that "line", because you realize that just because you haven't played with anal toys yet, doesn't mean that you won't enjoy it!

As you begin to experiment and "move your line further", you need to gather the information necessary to make the experience more interesting and exciting.  There is nothing wrong with anal play or using a butt sex toy - and when done correctly, anal play can lead to unbelievable stimulation.  

There are two uber-important things you need to realize before you go any further.  RELAXATION and LUBRICATION.  Forgot either one and your experience might not be as great as it could be.  Plus, a little lesson in physiology will help you to remember that the "rear entrance" does not generate any lubrication on its own.  For that reason, anal lubes are often thicker, and many of the better ones contain "de-sensitizing" properties.  Some prefer to call this "numbing lube", but it is kind of a misnomer as it doesn't actually "numb" you -- only makes it less sensitive. (We call this product, "Anal Morphine!!")

Ok, so we have covered lube -- now lets talk about relaxation.  What relaxes you?  Usually a good massage will do it, correct?  Your partner is likely to feel the same.  Try one of LoveWorks' non-greasy massage lotions and rub the butt and lower back, and upper thighs.  Don't touch the genitals directly, but gently let your fingers and hands touch the area near them.

Then apply a good anal lubricant to your finger (apply extra, like a bead of lube on top of your finger) and gently begin to rub the "anal rose bud" (as one of my friends like to call it!) after informing your parnter that you are going to begin.

Gently push the extra lube on your finger into the opening, and allow the finger to go only slightly into the opening.  Once you start this activity, you can tell by feel is your partner is squeezing their butt closed, so you don't want to proceed until they have relaxed and the anal doorman is welcoming you.  Continue to insert your finger while massaging.

(WARNING:  Don't think of trying this if you haven't trimmed and filed your nails.  Even if they don't seem long, the nail area on each side of your finger might be sticking out enough to cause pain and the inside of the anal cavity is very sensitive.  I suggest condoms for your finger which are called "finger cots".  We sell them, but it is easier and cheaper to go to Walgreens or CVS pharmacy and buy a pack of 20 for about $2USD).
Your partner might feel uncomfortable and want you to stop (or slow down).  Some people find that even if they want you to stop, they don't want you to remove your finger, as letting it stay without moving can be a big help to getting comfortable.  While you are NOT moving, having your partner squeeze their "butt hole" (some people don't like the term butt hole, but that is what most of us call it in private!).  After each squeeze, the butt hole relaxes more and makes insertion easier (very similar to how a woman handles vaginal insertion).

As your partner relaxes, ask if he or she is ready for the insertion of a toy in place of your finger.  The rest, as they say, is history!

There are multiple categories of specialty anal sex toys (or "butt toys!") that we offer.  One is "anal beads".  Anal beads are the most commonly purchased "first" anal sex toy because they are so easy for a beginner to use and are very non-threatening.

Anal plugs or "butt plugs" are another commonly purchased anal sex toy.  This toy is made to stay inserted in the anus, and the design of the toy helps keep them there.  There is always a safety plug at the end to keep them from getting lost.  Some vibrate, and some do not.  

Anal trainer kits are designed to help the anus remain open longer in preparation of anal intercourse.  They differ from butt plugs because they are usually "bullet" shaped rather than "Christmas Tree" shaped.

Anal probes are toys designed to be inserted and removed repeatedly, in the same concept as a penis going in and out of the ass.

And no discussion of anal penetration would be complete with mentioning prostate milking using the best prostate massager -- the Aneros!  Although the most common Aneros items are not designed as a prostate vibrator, others do have small bullet massagers built in.  For a man, there is no better orgasm -- no stronger orgasm -- than the one experienced with a prostate massager in the anus!

Anal sex and butt play are no longer subjects to be avoided.  LoveWorks answers more questions about anal play, which butt toy to choose; and which lube to use, than any other group of questions combined!  Experiment -- and make your orgasm more intense.


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