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How To Use a Butt Plug

Anal butt plugs are another commonly purchased starter anal sex toy, for adventurous explorations, and more intense orgasms.  In other words, but a buttplug in your ass and experience a HUGE CUM!

What is the purpose of a butt plug?  Buttplugs are made to stay inserted in the anus, and the design of the toy helps keep them there.  There is always a safety plug at the end to keep them from getting lost.

The best butt plugs are "Christmas tree" shaped.  They typically are smaller/thinner at the top, and wider at the bottom.  This design is what separates them from other type of butt toys like anal trainers and prostate massagers.

These sex toys area available in a variety of sizes (from pinky-finger size to as big as a 40!).  Oops, if you don't know what a 40 is, I'm referring to the 40oz can of beer available in the USA!  In other words, if you want huge butt plugs, we have them.

Start small, gaining as much experience and satisfaction as you can with the smaller buttplug, and then gradually move up in size to large butt plugs if you wish.  You will learn quickly whether a different sized anal plug will make you happy - when you find that your current anal plugs don't provide the same satisfaction that they once did.  

Vibrating butt plugs are also available with built in vibrators if that is what you desire.  Sometimes the vibrators are actually an embedded bullet, but they can also be specialty vibrators created just for that toy. Vibrations in the anal cavity add another wonderful feeling. 

With any type of sexual activity, increasing the "senses" often leads to better sex and stronger orgasms.  With a butt plug, you are altering one of your senses (something is in your butt and not letting it close all the way when you orgasm)!

When you add vibration, you have added another "sense".  Besides having this toy in your ass, now you are feeling vibrations that start at base of your pelvis and reasonate throughout!

Another boost to the senses are glass butt plugs.  The ability to make them warm or frozen can have a unique affect on your anal orgasm.  Inflatable butt plugs also are easy to insert, but then give you a special "full" feeling once inflated.

Men and women equally can enjoy butt plugs and anal toys.  The body knows no limits!  There are also specially designed prostate toys for men in addition to the standard butt plugs for men.  

How to insert a butt plug?  The same instructions apply to butt plugs as any other anal activity.  Relax, use a good (thick) anal lubricant, and remember to clean your toys with soap and water after use.  Now you know why your mother always told you to "clean up after yourself"!


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